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Friday, November 23, 2012

Looking in Profile; Drexel Profile dining table (Status: Hometown-ish super find)

While visiting my hometown, I was perusing Craigslist listings for the neighboring towns; this was just listed as "dining room table with six chairs".

Hot dog, A Drexel Profile dining room table and it's six chairs! 
"Oh crap", I thought, it was about 40 miles away in the tiny college town of Ada (Home of Ohio Northern University and also where Wilson Athletics makes the footballs used in the NFL) and all I had was my trusty four door Volvo 850 sedan.  Luckily I have a tow hitch and knew someone with a flat bed trailer I could borrow, unfortunately, he uses it to haul heavy stuff so it weighs a ton; my MPG went from 27 MPG to 9 MPG (eeek).
I have been able to load dining room tables into my car in the past, by dismounting the legs and putting down the back seat of the car; I could not do that with this table.  You see, the Profile pieces have a permanently mounted (integrated) leg.  It's a sexy leg, too.  When I was setting up for these pics, some of my Dads neighbors asked if we were eating Thanksgiving dinner outside.
It was a little more than I like to pay but, hey, I couldn't pass it up!  It came with three leaves and table top protector pads
Which had specially sewn "sleeves" for each leaf and pad.
This table was purchased at an auction a couple of years ago and has been in the basement where it has been used as the kids project table.  Yup, it has a couple of boo-boos.  I'm going to see if I can polish these out or if some Howard's furniture refinisher will kinda clear them up.  The Profile pieces are walnut and pecan wood and I don't really want to have to do a total refinish before putting this up for sale. 

 I really like the chairs from the Profile line.  They have a nice "eyeball" look (I love puns).

These chairs, which I assume were recovered, still have their inspection certificates stapled to their underside.
This is not my first Drexel Profile piece; I also have a small Profile K95 desk that I gave to my Dad This is actually the first piece of mid century furniture that I ever bought and, coincidently, I bought it in a consignment store in my hometown.  
I also have the large Profile K70 desk but I need to do a complete refin, replace the naugahyde blotter and put back together the pencil drawer.


  1. Don't know what you had to give for the set but it's sweet and some Howard should take care of the worst of the imperfections. I would guess those chairs had definetely been redone and to get a few more bucks out of the set it would be a cheap and easy job with some more appropriate fabric that would make it pop a bit more. Will be following along to see how you do with this!

    1. @ A Modern Line- I'm going to have to look through my upholstery fabric and see what I can find...

  2. Great find! I love my Profile set. I have the K44 extension table, 2 K60 side chairs and 4 K60 arm chair, plus the K50 china cabinet with shed roof effect.

    1. @Dana@Mid2Mod- you are LOADED with Profile! Sounds like a very nice room!

  3. Hi there!
    I just purchased this same set at a local thrift store but my table had no leaves with it. I'm looking to find at least one leaf. Would you consider selling one of yours?
    Thought it couldn't hurt to ask. :)

    1. @Angela Sinclair- Sure, I really don't need three leaves. Hit me up at my email

    2. Just a heads up on the leaf transfer from my experience in the furniture industry...Every set that has been made over the years was made with a cutting date and may vary where the alignment holes in the table leaves were placed so you may have to redrill these to match your particular table. Back in the day when I used to deliver furniture for a living we always swapped out the total table including the leaves to prevent mismatches...

  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I have emailed you. :)
    Also, thanks to Modern Line for the info. I'll get the drill ready!

  5. We just purchased the table with 3 leaves (pads included), 6 chairs, china buffet with hutch and a side piece. The seats of the chairs have the beige plastic covering. We are pretty sure that it is original. We haven't unloaded the truck so haven't been able to see all the numbers yet. There are some dings and scratches but we are so excited to have found this treasure. If anyone is interested in more info, please email us at