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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NOT by Luther Conover, a green fiberglass wingback chair (Status: Max the cat approved)

 Last week I took a swing through the Greater Columbus Antique Mall; as I was leaving this chair was coming in.  I didn't have the cash on me at the time but I made a point of stopping by yesterday to see if the chair was still available. 
Yup, it's a wing back styled fiberglass chair.   This was not a super bargin but it was a third of the typical Ebay list price.
I have always thought this chair was way cooler than the Eames shell chair
 Let me tell you, this chair is quite comfortable
Commonly this chair is attributed to Luther Conover, primarily due to the style of the legs, but here my friends is concrete proof that this chair was designed by Lawrence Peabody for Selig

What's that in the center of this Selig ad?
Peabody Fiberglass chair.  Boo-ya!


  1. Nice find! And it looks to be in relatively great shape and, it also looks way comfortable. The only thing better would have been to find a set of 4! That said, the one is swell enough by itself!

  2. @a modern line- I plan to give it a good cleaning , polish and a coating of Penetrol

  3. Yeah, nice find.

  4. Thank you for this. I've always been told these chairs were by Conover but now I see the proof! I just picked up 2 of these which I now have for sale on my page Thanks for the info!

  5. I have 4 of these chairs,all purchased on Craigslist. 3 are green like yours and one is a faded orange. They also made a rocking chair version of this which i have only seen twice. I agree with you ,these are cooler and more comfortable than an Eames chair.

  6. How much would one expect to pay for this chair in good/excellent condition?