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Friday, December 14, 2012

The future was so bright they had to have wild shades (Status: fiberglass-a-rific)

When I walked in the door of the Hilliard Goodwill, I could see this Majestic table lamp glowing like a beacon from across the room.
I grabbed a shopping cart and was prepared to use it as a plow if anyone got in my way!

When I got home I spent about three hours surfing eBay, Etsy and Google trying to find a similar shade but this appears to be the great white whale of fiberglass lampshades.
Holy cow,  just look at that sucker!  I’m going to say that this shade is supposed to look like a flower, perhaps a lotus flower.
I’m pretty certain that this lamp was made by the Majestic lamp company; they were known for their abstract shapes, often dynamic designs and exuberant fiberglass shades.
I am having a tough time deciding if I’m going to put this shade and lamp up for sale, The pink and gold flecked base would seem more appropriate in a ladies bedroom (or a pink bathroom), or if this is a keeper.


  1. That's one swanky shade! First one I've seen like that. I've had very similar lamps to that one though with different styles of shades.

  2. I've never seen a shade like that before. Or a base like that either. Quite a find!

  3. If it goes up for sale let me know! That is too cool!

  4. Just beautiful. Never find anything like that in my local Goodwills.

    So, what did you end up doing? Got that baby on display or is another vintage lover enjoying your find?

  5. If you watch the movie "Mallrats" this lamp appears during the fortune teller scene (behind the two main characters). It's the lime green version but the exact base and shade. That's what made me come across this blog...searching for that lamp! :)

  6. I have this lamp with the green base. Will be listing for sale shortly if anybody is looking for one please let me know.