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Friday, November 4, 2011

Russel Wright collection (Status: Iroquois, Stubenville, Morgantown-ceramic and glass, it's all good)

I don't have the biggest collection of Russel Wright dinnerware but I have some variety (wish I had some aluminum, silverware and furniture).  I broke my collection down, for this post, by Steubenville, Iroquois Casual, Serving pieces and finishing with the Morgantown glass pieces.

There is the Stubenville.  I got most of my Russel Wright in two large chunks; one chunk was from a local online estate auction, the other was found on Craigslist and was cause for a drive to Lima Ohio.  The avacado and the light grey pieces, a couple of the coral and the salt/ pepper were from the online auction.  Most of the coral and all of the sea foam were from the trip to Lima.

Here is the Iroquois Casual.  I found all of the avocado at the grand opening of the newest Volunteers of America (my first blog post).  I have no memory of finding the brown saucers, they may be from the online estate auction (I must have lost on the cups), the brown bread plates came from a trip to Akron, the mushroom pieces came from the Lima trip (I think I got about 60 pieces for $50 on that Lime buy).
Here are my serving pieces and a couple of odd demitasse cups w/ saucers.  All of these came from the online estate auction with the exception of the back gravy boat.  The covered divided vegetable dish is Iroquois Casual while all the other pieces are Steubenville.  Sadly the vegetable dish lid has a hairline crack and the avocado casserole also has a small hair line crack on its edge, the Lima avocado gravy bowl has a chip that was "repaired".  Yes, the serving spoon is a Russel Wright piece.

I almost forgot about my lone piece of Harkerware, there's the RW signature on the back.
My Morgantown sherberts and lone champagne
I really love my RW Eclipse glasses.

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