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Saturday, November 12, 2011

small haul from Thursday (Status: clocks, radios and pyrex-oh my!)

I got out and around to the thrifts (well, only 14 stores) on Thursday and came away with a small haul of goodies.  

Hmmm, seem to have kind of a "dial" theme, except for the Pyrex.

Okay, so I found this nifty light blue General Electric cube clock at an Ohio Thrift (run by the Kidney Foundation) on the east side of town
I like how the blue cube top on the white pyramid-ish base, makes the clock seem to float.  
Apparently this is the model C2441, as it's blue.

I found this Sanyo handed alarm clock at a new Goodwill on east Broad St.  Something's odd with this clock...
Holy cow, all the wording is in Japanese!  Check it out...

Found a couple of pieces of Pyrex and a Boonton ware bowl at the Ohio Thrift on Cleveland Ave.
The pyrex is in the Springtime 1/ Crazy Daisy pattern.  I am not a big Pyrex buyer but I will pick it up if there is a lid or a couple of pieces in the same pattern (I am a sucker for the solid colours, though).  See, the lid fits both pieces... Wheee, fun with pyrex lids!

I found this 1948 RCA model 75X11 radio at the Salvation Army on Georgesville Rd.  It is all tube and it works!  The case is brown plastic, not bakelite, features a brass grill, surround and brass cone at the center of the dial.
The speaker is a "golden throat" much like the Golden voice of the screen  systems used in theaters of the time.  here is the bottom with handy schematic for repairs.
The dial is supposed to light up but isn't currently, so I may try opening this up to see if there is a bulb that can be changed.
She is AM only, so I guess you could lisen to yer talk radio this.


  1. wow great finds!! um... 14 stores?? lol we have like 3! love the clocks and of course, Pyrex is almost always a good thing!

  2. 14 stores in one day?? You've definitely bested me! It definitely seems worth it, the first clock is amazing, love the idea of a floating cube.

  3. @Bandita - Oh come now, there must be waaaay more than 3 thrift stores in the Champaign / Urbana area.
    @The Thriftaholic (Leilani)- I guess it's a trade off: you get cheap public transport while I have to drive my gas guzzlin' Volvo sedan all over the city.