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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Road trip to Bowling Green Kentucky (Status: couple cool things and a couple of fails)

Hi all- Sorry to be away for a bit but I had a big second interview for a position as head of House Management at a new performing arts center in Bowling Green Kentucky.  I found a really cool vintage store/ art gallery and a neat building.  I'll start with the store.

Bowling Green Kentuckey is a city of about 60,000 citizens, located an hour north of Nashville and 1 1/2 hour south of Louisville.  It is the home of Western Kentucky University (21,000 students) and where all of the Corvettes have been made since the late 1980's.  It is also home to Labold & Sons a really great vintage store/ art gallery run by Danielle Labold (here is a link to a video she did about her store for the "Buy BG" buy local campaign

The place is packed with vintage hoseware, dishes, lamps, records,  nick-naks, clothing and what not that are very reasonably priced.

They also sell locally made jewelry, candles and art.  Danielle makes dog beds out of vintage suitcases.

These pictures are just to give you a taste of the place; every shelf is crammed but it does not feel haphazard.  Yes, I almost bought the amazingly cool orange oval flip clock but I found that it did not work (sadness).

They also have a small amount of furniture.  If I had a hatchback, I would have had the neat little desk for $40; but I drive a 4 door Volvo sedan and wasn't going to strap the desk to the roof for a 6 hour drive back to Columbus.

 They are also the outlet for a local screen print concert poster maker "Print Mafia".  The posters were super cool and if you didn't dig the show posters they had some other works that were just graphic.
You can locate the store, on Main Street, by looking for the super cool vintage sign on the building.
I also found this building that was built in 1963 that I thought was pretty cool. 

The building is on the National Register of historic buildings

I really liked the "fins" that stick out from the building 

On the bottom floor is a circular room that is the law library, for the Milliken law-firm, which has these nifty glass-block windows 

Oh, I found a pair of upholstered Herman Miller, Eames shell chairs in a consignment store in BG Ky but they had already sold... for $10 each! (Damn)
I also did not get the position.
That, of course sucks even more; as I have been out of work in my field (Performing Arts House Management) for about a year and a half.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the position; hang in there-- I have an MFA in photography and I'm not working full time in the field either. :(

    I've been wanting to do a thrift trip to Kentucky for ages, hopefully will make it out there next spring.

  2. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - Job sitch.. sigh.
    Bowling Green had around 6 thrift stores (didn't find a thing) and 6 consignment stores (where I missed the upholstered shell chairs). I didn't get to the antique mall (dang)