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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shaw Walker drafting stool (Status: I gots yer "industrial chic" riiiiight here)

About two years ago I was doing the Hamburger America ( tour of historic hamburger places in Ohio, which took me to Findley Ohio for the restaurant that inspired Dave Thomas to create Wendys- Wilson's Sandwich Shop.  While poking around in a used furniture store in the downtown, I spoted this awesome Shaw Walker drafting stool that was tucked in the back of a dark hallway.

I swear that I've heard this stool refered to as the "C clamp" stool; just look at it, doesn't it look like a C clamp?
Dig all of that "machine age" styling in the SOLID aluminium casting.

 This rare beast (I have not seen one on eBay and have only found one on all of the interwebz) is fully tagged and all original.  

I kinda wish this Shaw Walker drafting stool "wood" have a wooden seat and back like on these aluminum "navy" chairs that Shaw Walker also made (yeah, those are hot!).


  1. Tour of Historic Hamburger Places?!? This sounds like a dream come true, I'm definitely putting this tour on my vintage bucket list. Now I'm craving a burger hehe. Awesome drafting stool too, do you use it for its original purpose?

  2. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) -My favorite stop on my tour of historic hamburger places was the Miamisburg Hamburger Wagon. It's an honest to god wooden wagon with a single coal oil burner where they make a small square burger in an iron skillet. Everything is exactly the same as when the wagon cooked it's first burger in 1913. Yup, 98 year old wagon, burner and skillet.