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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last year the thrifting gods gave me 3 gifts on my birthday (Status: what about this year?)

I already posted about the two Paul McCobb chairs that the Thrifting gods provided last year, but they also gave me this super nice Baumritter lounger.

Here's the funny thing about that day: I spotted the Baumritter lounger, went next door to pay for it (The High St Goodwill USED to have a big seperate furniture room) then, when I went back to pick up the lounger, two employees were quite literally just setting the McCobb chairs on the sales floor. 

Check it out, the only issues are a few scuffs on the bottom of the back legs.  The upholstery is in fantastic condition with no tears, stains or fading.  Mmmmm, pretty!
Nice and sturdy, even the fagis straps are in great shape.
Nice name plate.  Baumritter was the original name of the Ethan Allen company. 

What will the thrifting god provide me for this years birthday?  Stay tuned to find out (I don't even know, yet).


  1. wow! what a great find :) if you get HALF as lucky this year you'll be high rollin'!

  2. i just bought one of these (in blue) at a tag sale for $5. i'd love to have a second!

    1. @thisoneisbroken - Send me an email at and let's see what we can do.

  3. I bought that chair at the Brice Road antique mall, found it one Sunday. Was thrilled at the cost. It now lives in a swinging bachelor pad in Grandview.