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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You'll flip over this (Status: flip clock-o-rama)

I've had a few posts with a couple of flip clocks as part of a haul and I always say "I'll show you the rest of my flip clocks some other time"; Yup, that time has come.

I can't really say too much about these clocks except that they all work (I passes on a cool mustard yellow flip clock today because it didn't work)
This is a General Electric with a lighted dial.  It's all plastic and that last digit won't quite align properly. Dig the hexagon face.
Another all plastic GE with an lighted dial.  It's very squared-off and masculine.  Both of the GE have a little second dial on the right.
This is a pretty cool Panasonic with a radio.  I like the round radio dials, one for AM and one for FM.  This baby has actual wood panels on the ends and a real brushed stainless steel surround around the face (not silver painted plastic)- classy!
Another clock radio, this one is by Ross and is called the digital wake-o-matic (when the alarm goes off an arm comes out and smacks you in the head.  Okay, not really).  The readouts all seem sorta small and out of proportion for the size of the clock.  The whole case is wood but the face surround is chrome plastic.
I love, love, love the readout on this Seth Thomas speed-read model.  I guess the minutes are in a different colour so, at a glance, you won't confuse them with the hour (I see a problem though, if you are colour blind).  Yes, it also has a second dial.  While I love, love, love the readout, I'm not really sent by the pebble grain brown and flat gold plastic styling on the rest of the unit- kinda clunky.  I read somewhere that this clock had a fairly prominent scene in the film "The Graduate".


  1. Those are some great clocks! The Seth Thomas is my favorite of the group....if you are not fond of the pebble brown shell....keep looking they made one with the same dials but with an outer case made of hardwood.

  2. Where do your flip clocks live? Are they clustered together somewhere in your house or do you use them in different rooms?

    I only own 2 flip clocks, a 1970s orange version and a faux wood mini clock. Not sure of their brands, will have to check on them now.

  3. Really digging those flip clocks. Personally, I'm on the lookout for a Panasonic Rc-1091.

  4. @Beccalina- I just saw another Seth Thomas "Speed Read" on Etsy for ..gulp... $180! Yeah, I'll keep looking!
    @The Thriftaholic- Sad to say, most live in a box marked "flip clocks" waiting for the day that get off my lazy duff and I stock my Etsy store. If I had a cool orange flip clock I would want to wear it around my neck like Flava Flav.
    @nickarmadillo- That Panasonic Rc-1091 is really cool. I have a few "handed" clocks; I'll have to do a post some time.

  5. I do tend to prefer handed clocks, but those Seth Thomas Speed Readers (especially the E037-000) make me swoon.

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