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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pickin's are slim but I've managed to find a few fish in the sea (Status: Peckin' & Pawin')

Sorry for the paucity of postings lately; work has been taking up a lot of time plus I have to shuttle my dad back and forth from my hometown to Columbus for OSU football games and the weather has been lousy for taking sun dappled pics of my pickin's (rain).  This is actually about TWO WEEKS worth of mid mod goodness (I estimate 30 to 40 trips to the thrifts and fleas- A LOT of sad, empty, fishing nets).

Yup, Mister Modtomic may be correct about the summer bounty drying up.  Oh well, quality not quantity.  I will start the tour from the left.

Freekin' cool pitcher, huh!  There is no maker and the couple like it that I found on da interwebz  are also unattributed; it may even be a relatively new decorator piece.  Pretty robins egg blue with a subtle green drip and a matt handle designed to look kinda like wood. 
Man, I have wanted a set of Pyrex primary colour mixing bowls for sooooo long!  POW! Nailed it!

These came from a thrift store on the south side of Columbus.  They aren't quite perfect (maybe 85%) but they are close enough for rock-n-roll and at $6.96... Ooooohhhhh baby (I was afraid that they would ring them up at $69.60).
Pink Pyrex fridgies (for keeping your pink elephants in your pink bathroom) that I picked up in a tiny town about 20 minutes from my hometown.  Fridgies are always cute, like kittens.
I've got to admit that I hesitated to buy this clock; it has a few thing that I usually avoid- plastic woodgrain and a battery movement.  The stretched onion shape and nice font sold me in the end.
It's also an Elgin clock and they have a good reputation.  This clock actually sat at the goodwill on High St. for a couple of days before I decided to snag it.
I recently discovered that I have been missing a Salvation Army store on my rounds (just around "the corner" from my usual west side haunts); my first trip to visit it I score this great wall pantry!
A place for everything and everything in it's place (except saran wrap- which either wasn't around or else was considered evil, or something).  BTW, get some chrome polish at the automotive store; it's cheap and the best for chrome.
It's a Pantry Queen; I can hear the advertising catch phrase "Get a Pantry Queen to keep your pantry clean".
Look, another of these GE flip clocks.  Yup, I now have two.


  1. What a score on those Pyrex bowls! I kindof like that clock too. It definitely has a great shape.

  2. @Vintage Hunter- I was pretty stunned to find those bowls so cheap, particularly since there is a permanent flea market (mostly new stuff like diabetic socks and Nascar) and a weekly flea market (the :good" kind) not more than a couple miles up the road from the thrift where I found them.