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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday thrifting cruise; pulled in a small but tasty catch. (status: Bubba the cat- miffed)

I worked a lot last week so, again,swimming to the garage/ estate sales and thrifting had to take a back seat.  When I did hit a few thrifts, I did not find a thing and the items at the garage sales were too highly priced (example- a totally thrashed Pyrex primary color mixing bowl set that also had one wrong color bowl was priced at $45!).
Today, I took a good hard swim around 14 thrift stores and hooked a few nice pieces.

From left:  Remington Noiseless Portable typewriter from around 1935 (not Mid Century but cool); sadly, lacking it's case.

A nice 17" x 13" paint by numbers scene of a spanish mission
Two 1965 worlds fair "Unisphere" tin trays; one in black...
...and one in white.  I am really regretting not buying a set of seven 1965 World Fair glasses at the thrift a couple of months ago (they were $12.00)
There is some interesting information about the Unisphere on the back (it weighs one million pounds!).
Remember the HUGE lot of Jamaica Bay china I found about a month ago?  Today I found seven low ball style Jamaica Bay silver rim glasses!  
I wonder if Dorothy Thorpe had anything to do with the design of these beauties?  Dig those lovely rims!
The Temporama glasses would look cool on this Kromex tidbit tray I found, but it would only hold around four glasses.
Lurking on the end of the table- three pieces of Royal Ironstone Blue Heaven (kinda goes with the small lot of Blue Heaven I found a couple weeks after the Jamaica Bay)
There are: a handled platter and two serving bowls...
Here you can see that the bowls are of slightly different sizes.  
Here is Bubba, looking miffed that the bowls do not contain food.
(not pictured: a red Pyrex mixing bowl that stubbornly refused to allow me to take a picture of it in focus)


  1. Oh man, those low balls are so awesome! What a great haul all together! Get Bubba some tuna. He's earned it.

  2. 14 thrift stores?? You, sir, have bested my personal record. Since I don't drive in Chicago (take public transportation) 3-4 thrift stores are the most I can hit before being weighed down by too heavy loads of china or bags of clothing.

    I'm digging the set of glasses, they're more unique than the standard Thorpe-style low balls.

    Does kitty eat out of a vintage bowl?

  3. @The Thriftaholic- On one occasion I hit 22 thrift stores in Columbus and a neighboring city; but I had to get up very early and kept thrifting until 9:00, when the stores closed.

    Bubba (who belongs to my hillbilly neighbors) gets a snack from me in a shallow Melmac bowl (Texasware, I think)

  4. I know for sure that those glasses ARE NOT the Jamaica Bay pattern. Those glasses are most definitely Temporama and a great find. I have a full set of those in highball and old-fashioneds to match my Temporama dinnerware. Take good care of those glasses as they damage quite easily.

  5. @Birdie N-It's funny you mentioned this because I was rearranging my couple of Temporama pieces just today when I noticed that the glasses were Temporama. I had planned on correcting my post. Serendipity