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Monday, August 8, 2011

Get the point, Mikasa Blue Points (Status: dishin' with the Bopfish)

A couple days before I traveled to Akron I found my self in a small town  an hour south of Columbus, with time to kill.  What ever shall I do?  Thrift!  The Goodwill had a small chunk of Mikasa Blue Points which I saved from ...whatever, their mine!

There's more than two cups and two saucers.  Sadly, there isn't a whole lot more.  For starters, there were only the two cups to go with the 8 saucers.

Then, three dinner plates
and one platter
I'm pretty certain I have another plate or two lurking around here somewhere to add to the "chunk".  Sigh, well, back to the thrifts.  BTW: Aug 17 is national thrift shopping day (they have signs up in all of our Volunteers of America stores).

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  1. That's a nice start to a great set. I'd have probably popped for that grouping. I'm a sucker for a starter set and a little bit of a challenge.