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Monday, August 15, 2011

Swam around a few thrifts on Thursday; found a few things. (Status: Bubba, the cat, approved)

I haven't had much time to swim around the thrifts lately and I have not hit a garage sale because my job has been piling on the hours and I caught the flu (yuck, flu in the summer).  Any-hoo, I did find a few goodies on Thursday.  Bubba is inspecting most of them.

I swam to all my usual thrifts but did not find a thing, so I hit a couple of thrifts where I rarely find anything and ... BINGO!  Here's the tour

I see a lot of mid century ceramic lamps but they usually don't quite fit my "lamp without shade price point"; this one was cheap and needs some clean-up.  The leaves give it a fall feeling.
 This is, like, my fourth chip and dip set.  The blue and white really stands out on the black lazy susan.  It's a "Made in USA".
A General Electric flip clock w/ radio (no model number or name).  The blue radio dial caught my attention, otherwise it's a generic woodgrain plastic case.  I'll have to do a post on my other flip clocks, sometime (get it..someTIME.  I crack me up)
Bubba is eyeing the Temporama gravy boat with under plate (nice huh!).
Sweet!  Made by Cannonsburg pottery in Cannonsburg PA from mid 50's to late 60's , seems to be everyones best guess.  I have a few random pieces of Temporama laying around here- a platter, couple of berry bowls and maybe a cuop bowl

You may have seen something in the background of the up-close shots...

Yeah, I know these school chairs aren't worth much but I still think they look cool and make a decent budget alternative to pricy Eames DCM chairs.   This chair has been "around the block" so it has character and the chrome is in perfect condition.  The dumb thrift store wrote the price in permanent marker, Goo-Gone won't remove it.

I'm kind-a kicking myself for passing on a Pyrex, primary Color mixing bowl set for $24 but three of the bowls had varying degrees "washer burn".


  1. Hi there! New follower here =) I love your thrifty finds. The gravy boat is a great find, I collect Temporama as my "nice" dishes. The chip and dip set looks great with it too! The lamp is super swoon-worthy. I'm off to paw through your past posts =)

  2. Fabulous finds! I love it all! The lamp is way cool.

  3. @flo -Welcome! have fun swimming around my pond and don't forget to wear sun screen. You have some cool stuff in your Etsy store!

    @Rhan - I always read your blog; you have great taste.

    The lamp has surprised me with it's popularity!

  4. Hello, I just found you via The Vintage South blog. You have great taste and I recently visited your fair city on a vintage trip (so jealous you have Jeni's Ice Cream there!!).

    I have quite a few Temporama pieces but don't have the underplate for the gravy boat, good find.

  5. @The Thriftaholic- Jeni's is the finest ice cream in the nation, I'm glad you were able to taste it! If you pass through again I would love to show you around (I'll dress to the nines).

  6. I have been fishing around for a flip clock and have a couple favorited on Etsy. Yours is totally cool!