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Thursday, May 5, 2011


For the grand opening, I thought a post about a grand opening would be appropriate.  A new Volunteers of America thrift store opened in Columbus, Thursday May 5 2011, and I was there to see what were the pickin's.
How's them pickin's!

  • Vintage chrome metal, not plastic, Sunbeam Mixmaster with original glass bowl
  • Russel Wright Iroquois Casual in chartreuse (4 coffee cups, 3 dinner plates, 4 saucers, 3 bread plates)
  • Small extendable desk lamp by Epic (more on this lil' cutie latter) 
  • Panasonic flip clock radio with real wood end panels and true brushed aluminum trim (not the plastic that you usually find)
  • 1980's globe (still has USSR so 1980's seems reasonable as a guess).
  • Late 40's early 1950's white Sunbeam Mixmaster with original bowls, ceramic juicer attachment and metal juicer spout.  The instruction booklet and recipe guide is copyrighted 1948.
I got the Danish Modern coffee table (Mersman) last week at another VOA, on the west side of the city; it has some scuffs and a few blemishes (a little paint, light scratches) but I think it will clean-up very nicely.  I'll do a post on the fix-up of this table latter.

I had my cart so filled that I was forced to precariously balance the chrome sunbeam atop the handlebars of the cart.  Once I lost the glass vessel to a blender this way (it fell off right at the cash register- SMASH) so I was careful to make a secure space for the glass bowl in the cart, even if the mixer could not fit. 


  1. That coffee table looks just like mine! Did you attempt to refinish it yet?

  2. @Amanda@Tall Glass of Water- Nope, I have not done the refin on this table. I have been working on two other tables (one long coffee and one small Danish teak gate leg) that seem to be coming out nicely so, I hope to work on this Mersman soon.