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Friday, May 6, 2011

The stars twinkle like diamonds on the ocean

Ahhh, Franciscan Starburst pattern, is there any more sought after ceramic mid century beastie?

I caught this school of 38 starburst pieces at an auction of the contents from an antique store that closed 15 years ago.  The owners finally decided to auction off the contents and so these have come to swim in my aquarium. I have only pictured the un chipped pieces.
The collection includes a covered butter dish, salt & pepper, 6 luncheon plates (3 chipped), 5 bread  (3 chipped) plates.
One serving platter, 3 vegetable bowls, 5 coffee cups (one hairline crack), 8 saucers (one chipped)
 and 8 dinner plates (one chipped).
This lil' bundle of starburst, which I'm keeping, was relatively inexpensive; if I had purchased these on eBay they would easily cost me $500-600, so believe me - I got a nice deal (although I know someone who got a similar size haul of Starburst in Canada for $15.00!).


  1. will you marry me Zack?? I need those dishes...oh wait, did I say that out loud?

  2. Wait Zack...Marry Me! I need those dishes! Er...just kidding. I'm good...and, well...hetero. Uhm...

    (uncomfortable silence)

    ...anyway, Excellent start to your blog! Way to kick it off with a BANG. I'll ad ya to my bloglist, but you have to keep up with the posting. I drop blogs that don't get updated regularly.

    Mr. Modtomic

  3. Get out of here! Wow. Marry me, not those other two!

  4. @Amanda@Tall Glass of Water- Everyone wants to marry me for my china collection, not for my body or my brains (sigh...)