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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday garage sales/ tag sales and that damn guy

I woke up early and hit the streets, trolling garage sales but there was "that guy", at every damn sale, gettin' the goodies before I could!  18 garage sales, 2 tag sales and 1 thrift store and this is all I have to show.

Pitiful.  The first garage sale (8:00AM) "that guy" snagged ALL of the cool tin robots, mostly they were reproductions but they were soooooooo very cheap!  The first tag sale "that  guy" was buying the cool coffee table (Don't know the maker, didn't get a chance to see) and at the second tag sale (arrrgggg), as I waited in line, he makes THREE trips to bring out his booty!  The first two trips were BOXES of stuff including glassware and a bunch of primary colour pyres refrigerator ware, the last trip was for an Arco lamp!

So, here's what's pictured (from left): Oster single speed, chrome steel, beehive blender w/ original vessel.  Big ol' string art ship on black velvet, little robin's egg blue Texas Ware bowl, light grey tensor desk lamp, Seth Thomas "Speed read" rotator clock w/ seconds, yellow Frankoma bud vase, White Tensor desk lamp and 4 Dorothy Thorpe Hi-ball glasses.

There is always tomorrow.

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  1. Your "dregs" look pretty good to me! I's all about "what coulda' been!" I hate when I get snaked like that. Sounds like you needed to get started about 30 minutes earlier. No worries...there'll always be more.