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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You CAN go home- for the estate sales

About six months ago I braved a raging snowstorm and temperatures in the teens to attend an estate sale where I picked up a cool little Danish dinning set and buffet in the small town where I grew up.

There is this Danish influenced table, with a white formica top, that came with four chairs.  The whole set would be perfect for an apartment or a little mid mod bungalow.

Isn't that back cool, with the hand hold cut out?
I also got this buffet.  The auctioneer decided to sell the little "hutch"part separately, and even though I had already won the buffet, someone actually bid on it (maybe for spite).
The set was made by the Richardson Brothers Company and was a part of their Peabody Collection.  I have spent HOURS on Google and eBay trying to find out more info on the company and the Peabody Collection, to no avail.  The chairs also have a label stating that they were manufactured by the ubiquitous Nemschoff Chair company, I've seen quite a few chairs from the mid mods with nemschoff labels.

Does anyone know anything about the Peabody Collection?  Looks like it must have been a cool collection. Unfortunately, I did not get the Robjohns Gibbons coffee table (it was pretty thrashed, with sun damage and lots of water rings), the Baughman upholstered bench or the Nelson sunburst clock (that went for $560).  I also picked up some dishes and bar ware that I will cover...tomorrow?


  1. because I'm so very clever:
    "in 1959 Richardson/Nemschoff, a joint venture with Nemschoff Chairs of Sheboygan is formed
    to manufacture and sell high-fashion
    furniture. An R/N showroom is
    opened in Chicago."

  2. oops forgot the more extensive link:
    "Expanding outside of Sheboygan Falls, Richardson Brothers placed a showroom in Chicago's Merchandise Mart, where it showcased pieces from its Peabody Collection, designed by Larry Peabody, a furniture designer from Boston."

  3. and cause I love ya so much I don't mind doing research:

  4. I think I might have seen this (I think this was the ONE source).

  5. Barb, the Tumbler link is pretty much just what I wanted! I had seen the other link but It didn't show any of the furniture.