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Monday, May 27, 2013

Thrifting cruise north of my hometown to the Findley antique mall (Status: worth the trip)

On my way back from the Michigan Modern Expo, I spotted a large antique mall just outside of Findley Ohio.  Findley is about an hour north of my hometown so I decided that the next time I was in my hometown, and had enough extra time, I would see what I could find. Yeah, that worked out pretty well!
Not everything came from the antique mall in Findley.  When driving from my father's house, I had to pass the local goodwill and Salvation Army...what am I supposed to do, pass them up?

I had quite the nice little haul from the Goodwill:
There was this nice vintage fiberglass shade

I'm not certain what this wire pack would be used for (plants? 45 rpm records? mail catch-all?) but it was cheap and had a great 1950s "look"
I debated buying this lighted picture shadow box because it is sooooooo kitschy.
That picture in the center is printed on a plastic sheet (other pictures could be ordered and you could easily replace them)...
The plastic sheet is mounted in front of a fluorescent light fixture
I've tried to find some info on this thing (I know I have seen these before but I simply can't find any on the interwebz today) but the company name, Modern Decor Inc, is pretty generic and brings up all sorts of garbage.

The Salvation Army wasn't too shabby either.

Dig the great 1970s canister set!  These were priced individually but the nice lady at the register agreed with me that they were a set and she only charged me for one.  Nice tin bodies with great paint and cool plastic lids.
Anyone have a little grandson who is excited about spending some time at grandma's house?  You need to give the little nipper this special, little, suitcase.

Okay, time to hit the road!  (distance traveled: 60 miles; time elapsed, one hour) 

The mall is pretty large but only has a sprinkling of mid mod goodies, luckily I found some in my price range!

I'll start small, with this Dansk 10 inch Kobenstyle pot in the highly desirable turquoise color
It has an early mark, with four ducks, from when Dansk pieces were made in Denmark (this pot is pre 1966)
Naturally, a 46-ish year old pot will have some wear...
Reflecting all of the meals that were lovingly prepared inside.

At the same booth, I got this super cool slat bench with a white lamanent table built into one end.
I think that this sucker was originally purchased with trading stamps because it has some stuck to the bottom, next to some sort of makers mark.

I also found this slat bench in another booth.   These slat benches have sold really well at the fleas so I snap up any that I can find.

The last thing I picked up was a gorgeous chandelier light fixture
I'll tell you what, if it weren't for the delicately curving, tinted glass globes, this fixture would be pretty traditional looking.  Hey, it might go nicely with a Drexel Declaration dining set!
Even with these small 10 or 15 watt bulbs, there are eight arms so I figure it casts plenty of light
The chandelier was made by Atlas Lighting Inc.  The only fixture I could find that was similar was posted by our friend Dana of Mid2Mod blog (and now that I want to post a link, I can't find it)

So, that was a nice little road trip!


  1. You scored! That mod shelf unit thing...WANT! :D!

  2. I'm thinking that wire rack may be for fire wood.

    Yes, you did find some neat stuff. I'm partial to the pot. It has a great design.

  3. @Iprefervintage- The rack is way too small for firewood. It is only 15 in by 8 in.

  4. Hey Bopfish...will toilet paper rolls fit in that wire rack? Heh!

    1. @Mr. Modtomic- Ha! when I spotted it in the store, i thougt of you and the toilet paper rack.

  5. I LOVE slat benches, but alas its as if the MCM Gods said "No Texas, you are damned to faux leather, cow-hide, and wagon wheel furinture." There is 1 really beat up slat bench in an antique store here in town, and they are demanding a STAGGERING $280.00 (the wood finish is barely even on it!) Im just hoping to stumble into one someday haha like I have with all my beloved pieces. That lighted picture box... wow, and you just KNOW there was that person in the 50's who saw it in the story tacky picture and all and just HAD to have it!

  6. Some nice finds! My wife just picked the exact same Dansk serving pot in a little better but not perfect condition. I think the lids were used as stands for the hot pots.