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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's been a while since I posted some thrift finds (Status: one week in March)

So I found this box full of hometown finds from March.  March? Has it been March since I've posted a bunch of thrift finds?  I'm really slacking on the posting.
So I found all of these goodies while prowling through the thrift stores and junk stores in my hometown  one week in March.  I had a little help with the photo shoot, here's our buddy Bubba posing with this Ben Seibel Harvest Time coffee pitcher.

There was a junk store located downtown for just a few months, it's gone now, where I found this set of six pharmacy glasses.  They are too big to be low balls and not tall enough to be highballs.
I assume someone got these after graduating from Pharmacy school

The Goodwill yielded this great set of candy striped glasses
 Yes, I'm missing one for a complete set but I see these pretty regularly.  I had some fun lining up the stripes.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
I also found this cool gravy boat.  I have a couple of random plates and a bowl in this pattern but I don't know the name.
 The last item that the Goodwill sent my way was this Raymor ashtray
 "Modern in the tradition of good taste"

The Salvation Army store provided these lovely, thick, Pyrex diner coffee cups
 Just look at the thickness of the side on this cup!  You sure shouldn't burn your hands on this sucker
 They are also pretty hefty to survive life's little bumps and bruises

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  1. Love the glasses and the Raymor ashtray. I have that same Ben Seibel lidded coffee pot.