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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Overview of Springfield Extravaganza May 17, 2013 (Status: one of the largest antique marts and flea markets in America)

On May 17 I drove 30 minutes west of Columbus to Springfield Ohio for the spring edition of the Springfield Extravaganza.  The extravaganza engulfs the Clark County fairgrounds for three days, twice a year, and you may have seen it on the premiere episode of  the PBS show Market Warriors.  This thing is MASSIVE, I had to give up after eight hours and head home (empty handed).
I just took some pictures of cool or odd items that I saw and here I am presenting them with minimal comment.  I hope you dig it and, maybe, you will want to join me in Springfield for the September 20-22 fall edition of the extravaganza.
 Russel Wright for Samsonite folding lawn chairs are kind-a common (based on what I saw) but that table is really rare
 More goodies this direction

 This one booth was swimming in bakelite
 Mid century meets americana barkcloth
 Ben Seibel samovar, complete with original wood base.  I really wanted this but could not negotiate a price I could live with
Blue Heaven place settings-Still in the box!  The lady said she originally found them at a Goodwill.
 A typical booth full of ceramics and stuff
 Thonet chairs, forget how much they were but it was too rich for my blood
 Give me five!
Booth full of cowhide
 Vintage fruit crate labels
 There was lots of walking
 1800s lounge chair
 Art Deco medical cabinet/wall unit with built in light.  
 Lots-o-industrial seating
I would drop a sink into this drafting table and use it in a bath room
 Terrifying, ENORMOUS elk head on a stand
 Eames lounge style barbers/ styling chair 
 Has own caption
 Drexel Profile china cabinet
 More Drexel, this time it's a parallel.
 Very industrial eyeball lamp
 Vintage, metal, bootleg James Bond lunchbox (see- no "007" or "James")
 Kids room ceiling light?  Circus room light?
 I just thought this was unique and unusual, I really don't care for boxing
 Every friggin' Hummel on earth!
 This Jare was about 5 or 6 feet tall
 Same booth but a giant wall jare.
 Kinda think this was a reproduction piece
Late 1800/ early 1900 magician poster
 Modern Whizzer motorized bike
 Vintage whizzer motorized bikes
 That's a man chair!
 These orb speakers were super cool!
 I wanted to get this counter set but it was gone when I returned to the booth
 This was a cool Plycraft set but only had two chairs
 That red chair was only $55... but... I was twenty minutes too late (damn)
 Weird fiberglass chair on a wheeled platform.
 1890s through 1920s Scientific America issues
 The first thing I saw, and wanted... I should-a pulled the trigger ($25 for the pair)
 Shopping cart
 Four wheel drive shopping cart.  I should get one of these things!
 What's not cool about this!
 Eight place settings, plus serving pieces... why didn't I snap this up?  I ask myself that question each time I see this picture.
 Skeletal Daleks?
 Okay, that plaid cover has to go and it needs some restoration but how cool is this streamlined porch glider!
 This weird contraption is a height adjustable rolling chair for use as a lifeguard chair in therapy pools
 They had everything here, including switch boards (plenty of kitchen sinks)
 The dealer said that this rather primitive pitcher (spout is on the chest) was made by an Indian (from India) woman.  This was her interpretation of an American Indian thunderbird.
 I would have snagged this tiki bar and stools ($200-bet I could get it for $150) but the raffia was badly worn and I don't know how I could refinish it.

 Yeah, look out for the reproductions (this dealer had $400 on it and said it was authentic)
 The coolest typewriter I saw (yo, Ton, wadda ya' think?)
World time clock from 1932.  It appears to be from Ireland (the location of Clare Morris, a very small town of only 3000 people).  "Tempus Fugit" is Latin for Time Flies".


  1. That looks like so much fun. Some of that stuff was freakin' amazing!

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for posting these - wish I was there!

  3. I have that Drexel Profile china cabinet! It was sitting in an antique store in my area forever. First $1600. Then reduced to $800. One day I noticed it said "50% off!" and I thought to myself "50% off the 50% off?!" Sure thing - $399! Holy crap, I had to have it.

  4. This is some endurance thrifting! I have never been to anything like it. But talking from experience, I have passed on wonderful items at the beginning of a flea market, because I always have a limited budget and I don't want to run out of money !!! I don't understand why I do this, but I guess I expect it to get better???

  5. Can you tell me more about the plycraft table? was it an in house design or do you know a specific designer?