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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I bought at the 2013 Michigan Modern Expo (Status: Dealers cutting deals with dealers)

At the end of a sales event, like the 2013 Michigan Modern Exposition, no dealers likes to load their van/ trailer/ truck so it's a great time to get yourself a good deal on some new merchandise.  I took advantage of some friendships that were struck up at the hotel bar, over a couple of evenings, to get the dealer rate on a few classier pieces to offer at future sales.  Let's see what followed me home.
I picked up this nice quartet of Helge Sibast No. 6 dining chairs from a dealer who had come down from Montreal.
 These chairs have that classic understated grace of nice Danish furniture

They are in very good vintage condition, which is to say, people actually gently used them as chairs and not just as some fetishistic eye candy sculpture.

The same can not be said of this Paul McCobb planner group end (?) table.  It has been used and abused.
The dealer from whom I purchased this table, only used it for display because he didn't feel it was in good enough condition to sell to his clients.
  The top has lots of dings and scratches
 Anyone ever refinished a Paul McCobb?
 All of the legs have been glued into place with... construction adhesive...or something
 And that's not even factoring in the general wear of the legs.  Good thing it was cheap; well, it'll be a project.
This lovely Jens Risom, for Knoll, armless lounge chair and stool were a near steal and are in fantastic condition

 The dealer from whom I purchased these thought they were a chair and ottoman; well, I suppose you could use them that way but the stool looks a little too high.
 The straps have some fading from wear but really, it's a slight quibble


  1. We sold a Risom chair just like that a couple of years ago. I loved that thing, and I hated when it left the store. Funny how you get attached to certain pieces.

    I love those Sibast chairs. They're beautiful. I look forward to your rehab of the McCobb piece. Isn't it amazing what people will do to "repair" their furniture!?!?

  2. Hi Did you sell the planner group table? If not, may be interested for a project. Can you give me a size?