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Monday, May 20, 2013

Have you had enough umanoff? (Status:road trip to feed the van)

While visiting my dad in my hometown, I was digging through Craigslist and quickly realized that the listing for "Table and four chairs" was a nice Arthur Umanoff set!  Luckily I had my van with me, but it was still an hour north of my hometown which made it two hours back to Columbus.  Well, it was a good "haul" however you define it
This set was manufactured by Howard Shaver and distributed by Raymor
As you can see, everything looks to be in great condition and the table even comes with a glass top.
The legs are rather shapely.
 Of course the tip off that it was an Umanoff design were the slats on the chairs

and the iron legs

Something doesn't seem right about the seat fabric, though
It seems to be bed sheet-like fabric.  Let's see what happens if I grab a loose end and give it a yank...
Ahhhhh, the original seat cushions!  Hmmm, not really that big of an improvement but the tones work better with the wood.


  1. Nice find...and I'd take the original upholstery in poor condition over that awful paisley anyday.

  2. Wowee what a haul! looks fantastic even with the worn out cushions!

  3. Good looking quailty set! Well except for that hideous fabric. I'm sure you'll find something appropriate to recover with...