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Friday, September 30, 2011

remember when phones had cords? (Status: leave me a message, with paper and a tack)

On the same day I found the Cathay pot; I found this 70's orange phone and message center.

This was probably made in the mid to late 70's by Western Electric and was to be mounted on the wall.  The phone is on the right side.

with a place for your phone book on the left.  The phone book holder is cool because there is a little pull out doo-hickey to help you get the phone book from the recessed space.
 Where's the phone book?
Voila, there it is!


  1. So cool! Phone books...what are those? Ha! Go Google it!

  2. @Amanda@Tall Glass of Water- I suppose you could keep a lap top or iPad in the phonebook space. Hmmmm.... someone could rig a charging station out of this thing for their eletronic what-nots