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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cathay is another name for China and also for this 19 piece Taylorstone find from Thursday (Status: Dishin' with the Bopfish- Bubba approved)

 A couple of months ago I had the big score of the 90 piece Taylorstone Jamaica Bay; well, late Thursday I hit a small 19 piece score of the similar Taylor Stone Cathay pattern.

As you can see, it wasn't a HUGE find but it's a good starter set.  Here's what we have (from left):

One berry bowl, 8 saucers, one creamer, one luncheon plate (bigger than a bread plate, smaller than a dinner plate), 3 coffee cups (I spotted these first and then the electricity shot through me and I went into search mode, eventually finding the rest at the other end of the shelving)
2 soup bowls, one round platter (slightly larger than the dinner plates)
2 dinner plates and 4 bread plates.
There is an over head, size comparison shot of all the plate sizes.
And there is Bubba taking some time from snacking (kitty crunchies are in the Boontonware bowl) to check out the Cathay.


  1. Very nice score. I have the set of the same pattern that I use for every days dishes. I love them. I lucked into a huge lot a couple of years ago....still have like 100 dinner plates in the garage. Crazy.

  2. @Beccalina- "like 100 dinner plates" Holy cow! "Huge" doesn't really seem to cover a find that size.

    Wait til you see what I found today

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