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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Morganton side table (Status: Bubba approved)

I bought this side table about 3 months ago at a thrift store on the West side of town.  The first time I saw it I fell for it, HARD, but it was $80!  I kept visiting it every week or so and watched the price drop until it finally hit a suitably low price that my almost unemployed wallet could afford.

This side table (or lamp table) was made by the Morganton Furniture Company, of Morganton North Carolina, probably around 1957-60.  Morganton was a high quality furniture manufacturer established in the 1920; they were purchased by Drexel in 1957 but continued to produce their own designs until 1960 when Drexel shuttered the company.

Handsome lil' bugger isn't it?  I really love the floating drawer box.
and those upturned edges are super sexy.  The top only has a couple of small dents, so all this needed was a little Feed & Wax.


  1. That is a sexy lil number! I could stand a pair of those next to oone of our sofas.

  2. I have a similar number but the drawer is directly under the table. I love mine too and going to get mine refinished professionally. I've been dragging it around with me 20 years...I still love it and the op is wrecked. Enjoy your lil' gem!

    1. I also have a side table just like this but with the drawer directly under the table!