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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My home town hits a home run! (Status: this lights up my life)

I was in my hometown briefly this weekend (I drive my dad to and from the home Ohio State football games) and got a chance to hit my special spots.  I didn't find much, just one thing... but what a thing!

It's a Maurizio Tempestini for Laurel Lighting, abstract, cast brass table lamp designed in the late 1950's. 

I paid $6.99, without knowing what I was buying other than it was an incredibly cool brass lamp.  When I Googled "abstract brass lamp", BOOM, there it was... with a FOUR figure price attached!  I even have the original shade, which is a tad beat-up, and seems to be missing from almost all of these lamps.  sadly the base has seen better days and will need some repair work, possibly a new veneer.


  1. Awesome lamp! I looked at some of the values, holey moley. U SCORED!

  2. I LOVE that lamp! I wish I could find things like that in St. Louis thrift stores.

  3. @Nichole- it's got to be the most valuble single Item I've thrifted.
    @nickarmadillo-You've gotta hook-up (uh... you know, for thrifting) with Mistermodtomic; that dude finds the freakin' best stuff at your St. Louis thrifts.

  4. Replies
    1. @Joshua Aaron- Hit up my email sddy and we can talk