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Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's behind the curtains?

...and aren't they cool?
Yes, something lurks behind these great mid century chenille curtains, but what could it be?
I had gone to a couple of estate sales early in the morning but, alas, not quite early enough to bag the Broyhill Sculptra bedroom suite; that was okay since it only had a twin bed...okay I would have really liked to have gotten the lowboy dresser and tall boy chest (Mr. Modtomic- there was only one night stand here, as well).  So, I was empty handed but managed to score four panels of 83" X 40" curtains at a garage sale jut a little latter.  Then, on my way to the gym, I stopped by my favorite Goodwill and found (draw the curtains back)
Two Drexel Profile chairs!
Designed by John Van Koert
The Profile line was made from 1955 through 1961
Yes, these have been recovered with a dark green corduroy and probably sat in the basement. forgotten and lonely until they took their trip to the Goodwill so they are a tad dingy.  
I will remove the hideous green and reupholster them in something else or, maybe, the original upholstery is was just covered over.
I already have two different Drexel Profile desks, which I will have to do a post about in the future.
Pam at has a nice history of the line and scans of the Profile catalog

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