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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Enough with the chairs; bring me the end tables! Status: worth the wait

Lest you think that all I ever buy are chairs, typewriters and dishes.  I found these two American of Martinsville end tables at a garage sale a month ago.

Funny thing is, just a week prior, I passed up on another pair at a thrift store in my hometown because of their condition (I think a dog had chewed on the top back corner of one and the other had been slapped around).
These are in very good shape, with nice sharp corners; they will get a good scrub down with the ol' 0000 steel wool and Howard's Restore-a-finish (walnut) to take care of the small number of scratches and they will be as good as new.
I also have to say that the pair in my hometown were made somewhat cheaper.  The pair I bought have solid metal pulls while the other pair had plastic pulls also, these are solid wood with a thick walnut veneer while the other pair were composite with a thiner veneer.
Keep that in mind, not all American of Martinsville furniture is created equal.

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