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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bopfish swims to his hometown and SCORES! status: only part one

I traveled back to my hometown to visit my dad; while there I made the rounds of the local thrifts, garage sales and bumped into a house clearing auction with SPACTACULAR results!
   This is only part one!

The very first thrift I visited set the tone by producing this flawless Broyhill Brasilia full/queen bed.  I never find complete beds; usually I find headboards or headboards and footboards but never do I find the complete bed with rails.

The 7 garage sales I hit on Saturday were all for naught but then I bumped into a house clearing auction. I had to park about half a mile away due to the crowd; I looked through the tables and boxes of smalls without seeing anything, then saw this nice two tier fiberglass lamp shade sitting on a beat-up floor lamp.
I almost missed out on this sucker because the auctioneer told me he would not be getting to the garage or basement until noon.  I took off to have breakfast with my dad, when I got back, I was looking it over the shade when a guy came up and said he had just purchased the lamp.  I was bummed and said I loved the shade and had hoped to bid on it, where upon he offered me the shade for $10!

Down in the basement, and one of the very last things to be sold (wait, wait, wait... good thing I brought a book), were these eight nearly spotless Goodform navy style aluminum chairs; I got these for a song!  These chairs were used in a bank for about 40 years then this family used them for extra seating during the holidays; they were treated very kindly and have very few nicks or scratches, what they have will buff out very easily.

That's not all for the weekend; I promise you some more goodies in the second part!


  1. Suuuuwwwweeet scores! You're place is gonna start looking ALOT like ours if you keep this up! I really wish I could find a Queen Brasilia footboard. I've got two fulls sittin around. Need a queen. Those Goodforms are enviable as well. You are rocking the thrift!

  2. C'mon C'mon!! I wanna see the rest! Ya can't leave us hangin' like this!

  3. Sorry, I unfortunately have to leave you all hangin'. I had to leave my hometown to borrow a truck from a pal in Columbus to transport the booty and I can't get the truck until Friday. When I left, I left my camera with the pics for part 2 (d'oh!)

  4. Gah!!!

    A day without the camera? No Can Do.

  5. I am extremely jealous! I've been wanting a set of Goodform chairs like that forever AND the Brasilia bed. Awesome scores.

  6. No freakin' way.. You are the KING!

  7. WOW!!! Gorgeous headboard. Brasilia makes me crazy!! It's so amazing.