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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Road trip to Ann Arbor Michigan (Status: It must be good for an OSU guy to visit UM land)

I was bored one night and decided to peruse the Craigslist for Ann Arbor, I mean, what the heck can they have up there in "that state up north"?  One thing grabbed me with it's ridiculously cheap price that made spending $80 on gas still well worth while.  This teak desk in a cabinet or desk in a box.
I know, it's not very exciting when closed but, when you open the cabinet (which, being solid teak, weighs a ton)...
you have lots of storage space, including a drawer and even file folder holders on the lower level
But it gets better...
Slide out the desk, drop the leaves and you have plenty of work space, which of course can all be folded away, then shut your clutter away and will only take up a meager three feet by two feet of floor space!
The seller also through in...
 This lovely teak chair byBenny Linden
 The BL-10 retails for $269 so that was a very nice bonus!

While I was in "that state up north" I tried to pick a couple of other items off Craigslist but the $40 Lane Acclaim end tables with drawers had sold, the $5 Danish rocking chair was two more hours away and the $35 overman pod loveseat would have needed a complete reupholstery job.  I also hit six thrifts but came out empty handed.


  1. There's a very active Ann Arbor MCM group on Facebook. They post a LOT of good MCM and always give tips on what's just landed at the various thrifts. You should check it out!

    1. @Diana - Thanks for the tip, I just joined and posted a picture of the desk. Hope they don't mind a Buckeye joining the group

  2. Pretty amazing piece! Mid-mod transformer indeed and some pretty creative engineering.

  3. Awesome find, I would have driven that far for it too.