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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tour of the Columbus Museum of Art 20th Century show and sale 2013 (Status: opening night pictures)

This past weekend, September 27-29, the Columbus Museum of Art had it's second annual 20th Century show and sale event.  I was able to offer a pair of tickets to the Friday night preview party and to attend.  There was free food and drink (sorry, the Tom Collins may have cause a blurry pic here and there).
The museum is just starting work on a major expansion project; right now the museum can only host fifteen dealers but in 2015 the museum will be large enough to host around forty dealers plus the museums art exhibits.
I don't know if it was because the show was in a museum but there was quite a lot of art work for sale

Dig the cool Jare pieces

Of course my eye was caught by this Picasso ceramic piece.  The dealer said he had attended an auction but come away empty handed; when leaving town he had stopped at a junk store and discovered this piece.

There was some clothing and jewelry

Was there some furniture?

 Look at the grain on this table!

 Are these from Space Balls?

There was some cool lighting, as well

There was also a surprising amount of Art Deco

My favorite thing at the show was this pair of aluminum, military record players from the 1930's


  1. Wow, so many interesting pieces. I really love that black table with chrome tripos legs.

  2. Hey, that's the my coffee table! The Pearsall piece, I mean.

  3. Lot of eye candy in these photos. I'll bet you had a good time.