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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Road trip to the fall 2013 Springfield Extravaganza (Status: I found a few gems)

Yesterday I drove about 45 minutes west of Columbus to the fall edition of the Springfield Ohio Extravaganza, one of the largest antique flea markets in America.  I found a find a few items to toss into my fishing net....
The Springfield (Ohio) Extravaganza has well over 500 dealers and entirely engulfs the Clark County fairgrounds twice a year.  I arrived at 9 A.M. and finally had to call it quits at 4:30 P.M. because my legs were aching.  My goal was to find at least one, and hopfully three, Drexel Declaration side chairs.  I did not meet my goal but I learned that I will have to get one of those heavy duty garden wagons next year because it was a HUGE pain in the patootie to carry heavy items back to my van (named: Van-shaped-money-pit).  The first thing I picked up was this Yashica 124G, medium format camera, which wasn't hard to carry

  It came with it's original snap-on cover and strap

  The view finder has this neat. pop-up, magnifying lens
I tried to get a pic through the view finder but it didn't really work.

I next found this great 1965 leather mail bag, but it did not have a strap (I added that at home).
 Look, it's Mr. Zip 
 He was introduce in 1963 when the Post office first introduce the five digit zip code.
 My bag was made by Bucheimer in 1965, the same year I was born.
 Super duty D rings and heavy stiching
 The bag has two compartments, a smaller "slit" space and then a much larger main compartment.  There is a ton of space for laptops, cameras, books and flea market finds
 The bottom of the bag shows quite a bit of wear and a couple of amature patch jobs
 I showed the bag to my local mail carrier and he said that some of the older guys wish they had kept their old leather mail bags.
My next find was this great coffee table that I think may be a Kent Coffey Perspecta piece.  This thing is made of Solid wood and was bloody heavy; I wasn't sure I would get it back to the van

 As you can see, it has those Oscar Neimeyer influenced lines like in Brasilia and Perspecta
 The model number is printed on the bottom but it is very faint; it might be 188 WH19
 There are a few small issues that will necessitate some refinishing and repair work, like this piece of veneer that has come loose (look at the thickness of that veneer).
After dropping off the table, mail bag and camera I continued my million mile walk, which brought me to this Elgin sunburst clock.  I thought that this thing was pretty light and I carried it around for a couple of hours.
 The whole clock will need a good cleaning and a shining with barkeepers friend or Brasso.  The motor is also totally shot so it will need replaced.
I found a booth that was filled with some of the most drool worthy dishware you will ever see (more on that is another post).  The dealer was a fellow member of and he gave me a great deal on this nice size (six foot by four foot) piece of barkcloth upholstery fabric
 What a neat pattern- bird cages, vases and ... yeah, I don't know- but it's super cool!
 This is the manufacturer but the label seems to be snipped in half 
The clok was now feeling like a piece of lead so I had to find the van.... I think it's over that way.... wait.... maybe over there...  eventually I found the van and I told myself not to buy any heavy items (unless they were Drexel Declaration side chairs).  Naturally, I found a stupid good deal on a 30 piece set of Taylor Smith Taylor "Cathey" pattern dishware.
 I tried to fight my impulse but I was powerless (maybe if I was not so exhausted my will power would have held).  I got: seven dinner plates, one platter, eight saucers (gah, I don't need anymore friggin' saucers), seven bread plates, six coup bowls and a serving bowl.  Nope, no coffee cups (booooooo).
After carrying this box back to the van (where did I park, again?), I started to turn back for another trip into the fire but I just could not walk another step.  Maybe, if it is not raining Sunday, I will go back to see if anything is left...


  1. That's an impressive haul! I'm fascinated by the mail carrier's bag.

    1. Dana@Mid2Mod- I have wanted a leather mail bag for a long, long time. Now it's mine, all mine; I'm a greedy miser!

  2. The fabric is beautiful. Thinking, "what could I make with that"?

    1. @Iprefervintage- I'm saving it for some special, future upholstery project

  3. You need to get a trolley or a helper or something! I have a handy market bag with wheels that has been a blessing. Mind you I only pick smalls and my markets are not huge, but it makes all the difference! I once found a mail carrier's leather bag at the goodwill and I PASSED on it! What was I thinking?

    1. @Mid Mod Mom- I don't know how you passed it up! I've already had four people write to me wanting to buy the mail bag! Which is not for sale, BTW

  4. Fun items! The bark cloth is super cool - I am pretty certain the manufacturer mark is Waverly Bonded Fabric which they started making in 1926.

  5. Hi Zach! We have that coffee table in our living room and it's a Brasilia coctail table. It was only made for Brasilia I so it's a little more rare. Nice find! Also love that bark cloth!

    1. @BrendaG510- Brasilia was my first thought (my first hope) thanks for the confirmation!

  6. Great finds! I especially like the Cathey set. I've got the similar Jamaica bay, but prefer Cathey because you can see that wonderful atomic pattern when you've got the plates covered in food.

    1. I've got both the Jamaica Bay and the Cathay 9also a Moderne serving bowl) but I have wanted to get more of the Cathay since I have that kinda rare covered casserole.