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Friday, August 23, 2013

It's not a drumstick but it is a Viscount! (Status: often misattributed)

I got up early to hit an estate sale, prior to going to my job, so I could nab this beauty
I have seen this chair which is often misattributed to ib Kofod Larsen for Selig and referred to as a "drumstick" chair, I guess because the front legs taper in a manner similar to a drumstick, but (Mr. Modtomic has kindly passed on info that corrects my original posting) this chair is actually by Dan Johnson and is the "Viscount chair".
I don't hit many estate sales, because I hate getting up in the morning, but I knew I would only have to wake up a little earlier to hit this sale before heading to work.
Look at that lovely brass arm (I'll give it some brasso to shine her up)
It tapers so gracefully into the leg
You can see that the brass wraps all the way around the chair
Since there aren't any labels and the upholstery is... pretty lame, I'm going to say that this chair was recovered.  I'll price some new upholstery and see how that works with my budget, before offering this chair for sale 


  1. Hi Bopfish.

    It's recently come to light that the Kofod Larsen / Selig attribution is incorrect. My buddy Jeff sent me a link that found the correct attribution on Design Addict to be the Viscount Chair by Dan Johnson.

    1. @ Mr. Modtomic - thanks for the correcting info! I give you and full credit

  2. PS...I've got one of these as well that I've just got to finish up upholstering (cover and put the back back on). They are super easy to do yourself with a little bit of patients.

  3. Another lovely find, very cool brass arms. Congrats!

  4. I was aware that there was some controversy over the attribution, but I had never seen the ad. Thanks to you and Mr. Modtomic for the info! I love that chair, no matter who designed it.

  5. Love it! Great find, and I am glad it was still there for you!

  6. Kodawood made a chair nearly identical to this. The Kodawood version has one screw on the upper part of each drumstick instead of two.