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Monday, March 11, 2013

What's with the Finnish in my hometown? (Status: Finnish? I'm just getting started )

Huh, this is the second piece of Finnish design I've found in my hometown thrifts, this chair was at the Goodwill while the Lisa Johnnsson-Pape lamp was at the Salvation Army. 
It's a cute little Finnish chair that is a knock off of a Folke Palsson (Denmark) design.  The Folke Palsson chair has a flattened ovoid top bar, inward angled back stiles and the legs attach directly to the seat bottom.
The chair I found is by Varjonen, a company regarding whom I can't find any info. 
You can see that the back stiles are not angled inward and the top bar is a long rectangle.
The legs also attach to a support bar, not directly to the seat bottom
I asked the manager if there were any more of this chair in the back; she told me there had been a second chair but that it had sold a couple day before I came in (sigh)
The seat has some very, very light stain or water damage but I think some Howard's restore a finish will clear that.

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