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Saturday, March 2, 2013

May I present an overview of the 2013 20th Century Cincinnati show (Status:Like the worlds largest vintage store)

I arrived in Cincinnati, at the Sharronville Convention Center, around 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, February 23 and waited in line to enter the convention center floor...
What was inside was a cornucopia of vintage goodness (yes, I even saw a kitchen sink).  Before we dive in to the 155 photos (!) I will make a few observations about the 2013 edition of the Cinci Mid Mod show.  There was an increase in Art Deco; last year there was only one primarily Art Deco dealer and this year there were five.  Last year (2012) the show featured a large amount of high end vintage, this year there was still a good deal of high end but there were many more "affordable" pieces.  The increase in "affordable" pieces may be why stuff seemed to be selling a good clip.
I have tried to break things up into similar chunks and keep the comments to a minimum, while spotlighting some favorites and items I know my readers dig. You may want to pace yourself and settle back with your cup of coffee to enjoy the Bopfish Vintage eye candy tour of the 2013 Cincinnati Modern show.

Dealer booths.
(Dealers came from as far as Florida and Buffalo New York as well as Chicago, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, Missouri and Kentucky)

There was plenty of cool lighting

 I love this room divider

 These lamps killed me!
 and even some shades
I mentioned there was a goodly amount of Art Deco

Did you need a real George Nelson clock?

There were a few typewriters (for Ton)-this is an Italian Antares
Are ceramic items your thing?

It's not all furniture and household goods, there was some clothing 
(This pic is for Leilani @Thriftaholic)
One of my favorite pieces was this vintage 1950 motorcycle club uniform of matching gaberdine slacks and shirt ($200).
 This was embroidered on the back ("Mounds" refers to the many Native American burial and ceremonial mounds in the area)

All right, here comes some furniture

 Love that yellow upholstery

 Pair of Tony Paul club chairs

 Milo Baughman chairs with a Burke tulip base table

 Gunilla Allard Sessel Casino arm chair
 Paul McCobb
 Bruno Mathsson chaise

 Eames table with rosewood top

 Arian Pearsall
 A wild all cardboard chair

 A pair of wood and chrome planters by Dunbar.  Remarkably with their original copper linings!
 Arne Vodder dining table and chairs

 Drexel Declaration arm chair (they had four)
 Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin sofa

 Selig lounge chair (love the blue)

 ClassicHeywood Wakefield triple wishbone table with dog bone chairs
 Super rare Heywood Wakefield corner cabinet
 German "Schuboy" (shoe boy) shoe cabinet

Some other favorites
Paulo Venini "Clessidre" hourglass
Andy Warhol paper soup can dress in dead mint condition
Nagel candleholders
 A painting of Chic Harley, the first superstar football player for The Ohio State University
 The Concorde
 I've always loved this aqua and gold biomorphic design on these Federal produced glasses-MINT, in original box
 Curtis jare sculpture
 Op art painting
 Stunning pay phone
Two panels of this super sci-fi barkcloth curtain ($200).  I wanted these BAD!

The patron Saint of this show is the Cincinnati artist Charley Harper, who passed away a few years ago.  There is always a large display of prints for sale.

The Russel Wright was WELL represented in the booths

This booth always has the totally boss travel posters (one there for my St. Louis peeps)
they also had this cool General Dynamics nuclear power poster

I have a weakness for stainless steel silverware and will spend hours digging through the bins at the thrifts, here's why

I will wrap things up by showing you all the special exhibit of Russel Wright (who was born and raised in Lebanon Ohio)

 That's a picture of his dad, family and house (where do you find this stuff!)
 Some of this super rare circus animals

 How do sales display pieces like this ever survive? 

Original packaging!


  1. Looks like a great show with a ton of great items. What did you come home with? (I had to delete my previous comment, because it made no sense at all. That's what I get for trying to watch TV and type at the same time.)

  2. Whoa!! Mid-mod overload! I may have to get up to the next show. That looks like a very fun way to kill a day!

    1. You might want to check out the Mod weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, March 15-17. Maybe you can post some shot...

  3. Oh man, the selection is just maddening!
    Thanks for including the Antares typewriter, it looks to be in good condition. I like those model airplanes, especially the Concorde. I'm curious, how much did those George Nelson clocks go for? And do share the stash you actually brought home.

    1. The George Nelson clocks were all $550. I only bought some off cuts of barkcloth.

  4. Um wow. Stuff looks really wonderful and am curious as to the prices. The flatware kind of caught my eye. And a ton of lovely furniture pieces. I wish I was closer.

  5. What a show! I had a blast looking through your pictures and trying to catch every single detail. Thank you for sharing. Did you buy anything?