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Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I do for a bunch of Starburst (Status: road trip)

I drove 2 1/2 hours north to Cleveland, sat in front of a house at 2:30 A.M., had the police surround my car, had a woman try to jump my claim and went 32 hours without sleep.  Hey, It was for 71 pieces of Franciscan Starburst (yeah, the cops thought I was crazy too)!
The neighbors called the cops to check on the suspicious car parked on the street.  One cruiser pulled in behind me and another in front; they hit me with the spots, checked my license and wished me luck.
The other major issue was a lady who had line number 2.  She ran to the checkout table and tried to buy the dishes out from under me.  I trumped her because I followed estate sale etiquette by grabbing the price tag; she was a very unpleasant loser.  Let's see what I pulled in from my epic road trip.
seven dinner plates, ten luncheon plates, one platter, two bread plates
Four coffee cups, nine saucers
Four berry bowls, three coup bowls, two spoon rests
A gravy boat with attached under plate, one creamer
two divided serving bowls, two open serving bowls and one lid
Six coffee mugs (SUPER SCORE!)
A water pitcher...but
It has a few flea bite chips (sigh)
A candy plate… that sadly has a notable chip on the handle

There are also some other pieces with chips ranging from flea bite to chunk-a-chip and a couple items with major cracks.  Oh well.
I also got to meet the lady who owned the dishes.  She told me that the dishes are her wedding dishes and that her grand kids told her how vividly they remembered having hot cocoa in the mugs.


  1. My goodness! Such wonderful spoils for the journey, and good on you taking the price tag! The nerve of some people and a run in with the cops! What a trip.

  2. Estate sale's memories, the stories we will tell our grandkids ;) I am glad you were rewarded for your effort and that sorry looser didn't get the dishes.

  3. and I seem to be connected in some way! This score is almost a carbon copy of my big Starburst score from Jan. 2011, except that I divvied up the loot with #2 and have had an estate sale buddy ever since who has helped me, and continues to do so, score big at any estate sale she is available to attend!

    1. I might have split some of this with her if she had been pleasant at all (she was extraordinarily rude)

  4. Great score! Love the part about the cops. That will be part of The Bopfish Memoirs someday.

  5. Oooooooh! If I had the means, I would have done it too!

  6. I knew I should have mugged you at your car ;-) GREAT Score!

  7. Wow, drama worthy of a 7i-piece Franciscan starburst set. Congrats!

  8. 2:30 in the AM. Your crazy. It cold up here in north Ohio. Glad it paid off.

  9. Good thing you were not in Texas. Those cops would have tazed you or something! Haha! Even a good Texas tazing would have been worth it for that amazing set :)

  10. Whoa, 2:30a.m. - You ARE dedicated!!! Glad the set went to someone who can really appreciate it :)

  11. You, sir, are HARDCORE. I bet the cops were chuckling over you around the water cooler the next morning!