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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guess what the Thrift Gods left for me at Volunteers of America (Status: I'm killin' it lately at the thrifts)

Apologies for the crappy cell phone pictures that accompany this post but I did not have my camera with me and there was a very light sprinkle of rain, with snow set to begin in a few hours, leaving me pressed for time.  Better pictures latter, promise.

I rolled up to the Volunteers of America on Indianola yesterday around 4:00, before hitting the gym next door.  I took my usual circuit around the store and only glanced at this two piece sofa, then the spidey sense started tickling me.   I lifted a couple of seat cushions, found the Thayer Coggin tag and said to myself, "Oh man, what am I going to do?".  See, I drive a four door Volvo sedan which is great for china, lamps, end tables and Picasso prints but not so good for giant two piece Milo Baughman sofas.  The VOA will not hold things, even if you have paid for them, while you dash off to borrow a buddy's truck or rent a U-Haul.  I took my chances, rented a U-Haul, and luckily the sofa was still there!  
The sofa is in decent shape, it could use a cleaning, and only shows wear on one back corner and on one arm guard thingy (sorry Dana, I know that you schooled us on the proper term, but I have forgotten).  I think the sale of this sofa will provide the base money for the purchase of a van.


  1. Man, in some other life, you must have done the thrift gods a solid, because they love you! :)