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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eames upholstered shell chair (Status: new cat chair)

Last week I made a quick trip over to the antique mega malls in Springfield Ohio where I found my kitten Toutou's new favorite chair.
Toutou is a Manx kitten (it's a tailless breed originally from the Island of Man) who is around 16 months old.  She has been sleeping in this Upholstered Eames shell quite often.

I was walking around the Springfield Antique mall, not to be confused with the Heart of Ohio Antique mall also located in Springfield, when I spied this Eames chair in a booth.  Many of the items in this booth were reasonably priced so I flipped the tag over on the chair ... $25.00!  I snapped it up even with it's various flaws, I think it was a steal!

See, I said there were flaws.  There is a tear on the center seam and a spot were the vinyl has cracked (likely a near puncture of the vinyl).  I'm not certain what I will do, maybe see if I can find someone to reupholster, leave it or strip it and turn it into a normal shell w/roller base.
There is no question about its authenticity.  Herman Miller.
Made at the Gardenia California plant on December 21, 1973.

I'll post some pictures of my other purchases soon.
Here is a picture of Toutou's sister, Mimi, snuggling next to me while I type this post.  She is fascinated with the camera lanyard.


  1. Good luck - that chair now belongs to the cat, unless you bring home a more expensive one.

  2. I think you're going to have as much trouble getting that chair away from Toutou as I had getting a box of raisins dropped by Grandson #2 out of my shih tzu Mr. Ming's mouth yesterday.

    1. Mr. Ming, I love it! Could he be "the Insidious Mr. Ming"?

  3. Nice & cute chair

    I think cat is adding glamor to the chair

    Hope you will posts more about this chair


  4. This was so nice look sell chair with cat
    I like this..

    Shell Chair

  5. It's worth that price! Can be fairly used until Toutou lets you!

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