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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 17 is National Thrift Shopping Day! (Status:the thriftiest time of the year)

Here's the deal- So, you find one Picasso print at the Volunteers of America and now you are considered a "prominent local thrift blogger", to help celebrate and promote National Thrift Shopping Day (Friday Aug 17) you and a couple of other local bloggers get offered a $50 gift Certificate to use in one store (you must pick one and only one store) between Aug 10 and the 13th.  You must then blog about your finds and tag Volunteers of America in the blog.  Sounds cool to me and I say "Yes" (DUH)!

Volunteers of America National Thrift Shopping Day Celebration
National Thrift Shopping Day is Friday, August 17 and Volunteers of America is celebrating by holding a 50% off sale.  The entire store will be marked half-off for the day.

As an extra bonus, every shopper who spends $25 will get a free reusable shopping bag (below is a mock-up of the bag).  And if shoppers just can’t quite make it to $25, the bags can be purchased for $3 each. 
Well, I tried to take some pictures of my $50 buying trip but my camera seems to be on the fritz; it keeps eating the pictures (I take pictures and they never appear on the memory)!  Truthfully, I struck out (and the camera is on the fritz) and was unable to find more than a couple of small items (an ashtray and a Boontonware platter).  With that in mind, I quickly looked back in my photo archives and found these pictures of great items that I found at various Volunteers of America stores in the past year.
 That little bar, in the center, that looked like a drum
 A really nice quartzite lamp
 A bunch of Taylor Smith Taylor Cathey
 The awesome Cathey covered pot
 A Taylor Smith Taylor Moderene bowl
 Set of Triumph hubcaps
 Toastmaster Sovereign toaster with carrying handle
 Regal rocket coffee urn
 Those chrome and smoked glass hanging lamps
 This beat up Lane Acclaim coffee table that I'm working on (future post) 
 The Playplax set
 Cool Noritake Craft salt and pepper shakers
 Jere award statue for Tupperware
 The pair of Omni Nova, omnidirectional speakers
 Pair of Drexel Profile chairs
 The pair of Wegner style (but made in Yugoslavia) folding chairs

Was there anything else.....

Hmmmm, seems like there is one more thing....

What am I forgetting....

Oh, silly me....

I remember...

It was just a little thing...

That Picasso!


  1. I don't remember seeing the C Jere tupperware award before in your posts but that is really cool! Looks like you get a lot of nice items at Volunteers of America. I must going thrifting tomorrow!

  2. After finding all that cool stuff at Volunteers of America AND getting a $50 gift certificate from them, I'm sure you'll be a loyal buyer for life! You may have struck out this time, but over the long haul, you've done really well there.

    1. If I didn't shop VoA, it would be like cutting my own arm off!

  3. Fantastic finds! I'm totallyin love with those folding chairs. Unfortunately there aren't any Volunteer of America thrifts in Memphis. But I'll be trolling the Goodwills and Amvets thrift today.

    1. Now that you mention it, there used to be a couple of Amvets stores in Columbus; I think they closed them 5 or 6 years ago.