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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Flea sale (Status: selling some of my booty)

I mean, like, Pirate treasure "booty" not my backside booty...sheesh!  Anyway, I paid for a spot at the Summer Flea (sorta the hipster flea market of Columbus) that is held three times a year (Spring, Summer and Fall).  It was a HUGE success for me despite some very iffy weather.

That's my friend Beth sitting at right and the back of my friend Heidi in the truck they came out early while it was threatening to pour down rain, and helped me to set-up and sell all day (That guy in the blue shirt kept eyeing the Wassily chairs but didn't go for it).  
I have a word of advice for anyone who plans to sell at flea markets, neighborhood sales or anyplace (you can even use it for Craigslist sales)- get a Square card reader.  75% of my sales were by credit card and I would have had a damned lousy day without that card reader.  It's free to get one, super easy to use, they take 2.5% of each sale and they work with iPhones or Android phones.

Here is the back of the u_Haul just after I had taken out a few items.
I have been very busy the past couple of weeks getting ready for this Summer Flea sale.  I had to complete some refinishing projects, drive to my hometown to get furniture out of my Dads garage and work at my crappy part-time job; I have been exhausted!  Cleaning, polishing and loading the U-Haul was an all day endurance test, with 90 degree weather and high humidity I was soaked with sweat (sorry ladies, I know that's gross).  Here are some of the chairs and tables before I loaded them in the truck.
If you have seen the blog then a few pieces will be familiar, like the pair of lane end tables, the Declaration coffee table and the small Danish style lounger on the left.  Next to the lounger is a Baumritter glider lounger, just right of the Lane tables are a pair of Wassily chairs (1970s knock offs that were redone with vinyl). and a couple of end tables on the right that I refinished (that's another post).  Here is my smalls rack.
There are eight flip clocks a cube shaped and white spherical handed clocks, two turntables a couple of tin lunch pails with shoulder straps, some ashtrays, a small set of cute mod flowered china (I'll post that sometime), a couple of pitchers, a chrome swag lamp, four table lamps, the 1970s orange GTE phone message center and a couple of desk lamps.  Here are some side tables and lamp shades.
I refinished the table in front and the Lane Acclaim in back but did not have time to re-do the other side table (next time).  The lamp shades are not exciting but if I see lamp shades in excellent condition for very cheap I pick them up and then offer them for $5.00 if you buy a lamp, $8.00 without a lamp; I sold four lamps, three with shades.   you should recognize most of these pieces.

The early 1970s Ekornes recliner, the disco era hanging lights, Drexel Declaration, the two chairs I refinished and reupholstered, the Umanoff magazine holder and what's it sitting on?
This nifty slatted bench I found last week!  It was six feet long, had white formica on one end and the other end was upholstered.  A couple of cute nerds in love fell for this baby and are going to take it with them to Oregon. 
 I also found this neat little buffet, by Dixie, in a consignment shop.  I had to give the top a quickie refin while I was polishing, cleaning and loading the u-haul (I did not get to fix the torn fabric in the door panel).  Before and after pics in a future post.  Oh, that's a bowl of flash cubes on top of the buffet.
Lamp land on the end table continent.  That's the Richardson Brothers buffet I got at auction in my hometown about two years ago, on the back of the truck.
This is the Richardson Brothers furniture table and chairs, designed by Lawrence Peabody (stamped 1961), that I also got at the auction.  There are also some black pottery I got as part of a box lot and a Royal typewriter in tweed case. 
Another view of the Baumwritter, Ekornes, lamps, buffet, shades.


  1. You know, I've never checked out these fleas before - where do they hold them? How much does a space cost and how big is it? It looks pretty fun I might have to give it a try sometime! :)

    1. Space was $60.00 for 10X10 (I obviously stole some extra space). The Flea used to be on High St. at the Fireproof warehouse lot but they have moved to 4th St. and 4th Ave in the parking lot of the (soon to be) Seventh Son Brewery and brewpub. This is quite literally a block from my house, which is sweet! I would guess they had around 25-30 venders, some were artists, handicrafter, a few vintage clothes dealers, a furniture repainter, a couple of other furniture folks and nick knack folks (I kinda had the nicest vintage stuff, if I do say so myself) and a couple of food trucks. The next one is Sunday Oct 7. I made a bunch of money and met some cool people.

    2. Very cool! Maybe I'll catch ya there next time :)

  2. Hope you made a bunch of money at your sale. I see a few things I would have taken off your hands if I had been in Ohio. I agree with you about the Square. That's what we use at our store with an iPad. I have the app on my phone too, and the next time I personally list anything on CL, I'm going to advertise that I take debit and credit cards. I think it will make a big difference in the response I get.

    1. I made a bunch of money; I can't quit my crappy part time job but it really puts the thought in my head.

  3. I like the replica George Nelson clocks on the bottom shelf of the smalls rack! Did they sell?

  4. Very nice selection of stuff! I can see why you did well!