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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A golden burst of inspiration (Status: always confusing Ben Seibel and Ben Sherman or is it George Segal and Steven Segall)

So, as I have seen other more illustrious bloggers mention "It's been slim pickin's out in them thar thrifts".  It has been so bad that I have been driven into antique malls; indeed, that was where I found this great set of Raymor Universal "Golden Burst"dishes and serving piece  that was designed by Ben Seibel.
Pickings have been slim around here so I have not had much to post (which leads to laziness and malaise) plus, well, you know..." life stuff" like traveling, to interview for a job that now appears to be lost (crap sticks).

I happened to be wandering around the Heritage Square Antique Mall, here in Columbus, when I spotted this great set of dishes.  I was going to pass on them until I noticed that the tag listed 59 pieces but I only saw 42.  I asked the counter people if they could contact the booth holder and see what was what.  A phone call later and the booth holder said she had no idea what happened to 17 pieces (whaaaaa?!? How can you misplace or miscount 17 pieces?) and I got a deal on the price.
Dig that cool logo for Raymor Universal and that fuchsia Ben Seibel logo.
Hmmmmm, do you suppose that this is what is meant by "Golden Burst"?  I think it is fantastically delicate and somewhat subtle.
 There are 12 dinner plates
But only three luncheon plates and two bread plates
Nine of these nifty little bowls.  They seem to be smaller than soup bowls but larger than berry bowls.
Judging by the wear on the bowls, this must have been a "working" set of dishes.
Six coffee cups.
Notice that one side has a single burst and the other side has two.
And ten saucers.  I always end up with more saucers than cups, dammit.
 Yeah, I saved the best for last.  It's a rare covered, triple divided serving dish
Each segment has it's own little cover.  I think it tres cool!


  1. That serving dish is un-freakin'-amazing! And how could someone smuggle out 17 pieces??? Come back 17 days in a row for one piece each day? Too weird!

  2. Yes, I make up words that mean nothing, starting around midnight. I'm taking a do-over and typing "un-freakin'-believable." Unamazing wasn't exactly what I was going for...LOL

    1. @Dana@Mid2Mod- I knew you wern't dissin' the dishes!