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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's not a George Nelson but... (Status: astronomically starbursting)

Next to an honest to god George Nelson star/ sun burst clock, this GIANT has to rank pretty highly!
You have to click through to see the majestic beauty; you may even need sun glasses
Behold, the north star!
This thing is a mammoth thirty one and a half inches across! It has 48 individual wooden ray parts.
I found this baby at a thrift store, stuck in with a stack of framed art.  I saw the rays sticking up  over the artwork from a good fifteen feet away and pretty much leapt at it.  This is another time when I'm glad no one was in my way because I'm pretty sure I'd have been charged with assault.
I need to find a new battery motor but those are cheap, or I could buy a cheap battery motor clock and just scavenge the motor.


  1. Replies
    1. This is only the second star/ sun burst clock I've found "in the wild".

  2. Shazam! That is a whole lotta clock right dare! At first I was going to suggest new hands with that new motor, but on second look...I kinda like what's there!

    1. @ Mr. Modtomic - Dude, I am seriously considering the old hand switch-a-roo. Those hands are a little to "americana" for me (maybe in a house full of Drexel Declaration...)

  3. I don't think those hands are original any way. I don't like them either.

    Man, I'm jealous. I have never run across a starburst clock. Lot of other cool clocks, but never those.

  4. I'd have run someone over too if I'd spotted that beauty! What a great find! Some of the online clock motor sales offer a choice of hand sizes and designs. Although a bit more expensive than the cheap local alternatives, I think this would be worth springing a little more for and really make it pop!