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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Filled the van with Heywood Wakefield dog bones and wishbones (Status: gonna be a lot of work)

Whoo, it's a hot one today!  Luckily the ac works (sorta) in the van because it was an hour round trip to gather a triple wishbone table, with 2 leaves, and five (wait, did he say "five?) dogbone chairs.  Plus a bonus Hey-Wake find from last week!
I responded first to a Craigslist ad (I've never been first) and loaded my van.  The table had been partially disassembled so they could move it.  I got a great deal on this set!

The lady I purchased these from said she had used them for 50 years... yup, they show it.
The chair back and legs are also worn

There was one captains chair

The table color is not marked but the chairs are and I assume the table is the same color 
Huh, I always thought champagne was slightly pinkish
The chairs have been recovered three times and I think that black nubby tweed might be the original fabric.  Guess I'll see when I get around to refinishing all of this.

Here is a bonus Hey-Wake piece that I found a week ago at a thrift store and still had in the back of the van
I think I have three of these, now.
Worse for wear but another project.
I have now lost track of how much Heywood Wakefield I have to refinish.  Boy, I gotta get to it!


  1. I am JUST starting to get the Hey-Wake bug! My Amazing Girlfriend bought me a set of drawers for my birthday this last Saturday and i'd really hope we find some more living room tables!

  2. That sounds like a LOT of work...but I'm sure you will get back many times your investment.

  3. I'm sure It was worth the trip. I don't know if you would be interested, but there.was an ad in the Indianapolis.Craigslist for a house full of Maysville, Ky. They want someone to take the whole lot.