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Thursday, February 7, 2013

When it rains Russel Wright, it POURS Russel Wright (Status:I've got some more Russel Wright)

With-in the space of a week, I have had two major Russel Wright hauls- it's CRAZY!  This 50 piece lot of Ripe Apricot, Iroquois casual was plucked from an on-line estate sale.
Man, I should have gotten that booth at the Cinci Mid Century show (feb 23, 24, 25) since they are spot lighting our boy Russ (I can call him that because, you know, we down like that).  This lot appears to have been the everyday china, at least for some time, and seems to have had a number of pieces break over the years which leaves a few gaps in the service.  Also a few pieces were replaced with nutmeg pieces, which I assume is because when the owner went to replace the pieces they just asked for "that brown color". There are a few spectacular pieces in this lot (or are they...) but I'll save those for last.

There are six dinner plates (one with a chip), 2 salad plates and one bread plate. (see what I mean about "a few gaps in the service"?)
Seven soup bowls and one cereal (or maybe a berry bowl, I'm not certain).  The cereal/berry bowl seems to be in the rare brick red. which is more like a dark brown. Also one soup bowl seems to be in nutmeg.
There are eleven cups, w/late redesigned handles, and ten saucers.
An oval serving platter, creamer and my first set of stacking salt and peppers (dang, they must have broken the covered sugar bowl)
Two open serving/vegetable bowls
Okay, here it starts getting good...

a two quart casserole
 Oh, but wait... somethings wrong.  That lid seems to go to a different dish, a nutmeg dish, and it may be for a four quart dish at that.  See how it doesn't quite fit...
This sauce pan was not even visible in the auction listing picture.  The auction picture was just a photo of the open kitchen cabinet so you could not see this in the back on the top shelf (I did the happy dance like snoopy, upon discovery)
Oh, but wait again... (dum-dum-duuuuuuuh) a small chip on the lid knob thingy.  Well, turn it to the back and the pot still shows great.
This baby would have been a big money piece (note the use of the word "would").
Gaze in wide wonder at the super rare, mammoth sized, six quart casserole!  
This thing is so huge, it makes you go "whoa, that thing is huge!"
Dag nab-bit, there are two decent sized chips on the rim, the lid doesn't quite cover them AND you can't quite turn both chips away.  I think this pot is so rare because of the thinness of the pot due to the huge size; I'm sure many broke over the decades.
All in all, a neat lot with some rare pieces, albeit with flaws, and for a cheap, cheap, cheap price.

Now, three days latter... (MORE Russ wright in my next post, stay tuned)


  1. Nice Haul! Can't hardly wait to see the rest. Love this / these colors and line of Russel Wright.

  2. I'm personally not a smalls guy and focus most of my attention in the furniture side and defer to my expert wife to evaluate most of the decor items that come through the store. It still looks like a nice pick to me but my expert would seriously devalue the chipped pieces. Every collector wants these pristine...

    1. @A Modern Line-You are totally correct about the chips. If that 6QT had been pristine it would be worth $350 but with chips, it's worth about $50. The sauce pan would have been worth $250 but that one little chip drops it to about $70.

  3. That's a great bunch of RW! For years I've collected Iroquois Casual in ripe apricot and avocado yellow. Then I got into Iroquois Harvest Time by Ben Seibel, which looks great with the ripe apricot...but the green, not so much. I'm about to sell all my avocado yellow and replace it with oyster. If you run into any, let me know. I wouldn't mind some sugar white either.

    1. @Dana@Mid2Mod- right now, I only have an oval platter in sugar white. I thought I had an oyster piece or two but I can't seem to locate them.