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Monday, February 25, 2013

The collectable lamp whisperer strikes again! (Status: Finnish? I've hardly started!)

A short post until I finish editing my photos from the 2013 Cinci Modern show. 
I found this Lisa Johansson-Pape mushroom table lamp at the Salvation Army store in my lil' ol' hometown.
This lamp by Finnish designer Lisa Johansson-Pape is made with a one piece glass body, white in a matte finish.
This is the short version that is 12 inches tall (there is a 17 inch tall version, as well). Does the lamp work?
Dig it!

Lisa Johansson-Pape (1907-1989) graduated as a furniture designer, or as she preferred to say, a furniture drawer, from the Central School of Art and Design of Helsinki Finland in 1927. After graduation, she worked as a furniture designer at the Kylmäkoski furniture factory then she worked for Friends of Finnish Handicraft as  a model designer as well as a freelance furniture designer. Her furniture designs were always minimal, concise, and highly functional.
Lisa Johansson-Pape's long career as a lighting designer began in 1942, when she was invited to work at Orno’s lamp factory. Johansson-Pape and was a founder of Finland's Lighting Engineering Society. In lighting design, one of her principles was that the shape of the lamp is subordinate to the technological function. Her lamp designs for the most part consisted of metal, glass and acrylic.
She also wrote and lectured on lighting design in Japan and was for many years a teacher of Art and Design. Johansson-Pape was also the artistic director of Friends of Finnish Handicrafts from 1951-1985.
Lisa Johansson-Pape Finnish works were represented in many international exhibitions since the 1930s. In the New York World's Fair of 1939, she furnished part of the Finnish department and at the Milan Triennial in 1951 her lamps and light fixtures received a silver medal as well as gold metal at the 1954 Triennial. 
In 1960, she made a private exhibition at Stockmann called Light - glass – Metal and later in 1966 she had a joint exhibition with Dora Jung at the Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg. 


  1. Nice find! And some great research info as well! Keep up the great posts! Never know what you might find kicking around to be stumbled upon!

  2. I dig it! Beautiful lamp, and incredible find at a SA! Lucky you!