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Friday, February 15, 2013

Selling at Scotts Antique Market this weekend (Status: busy, busy)

Hi all!  I am going to be selling at the Scotts Antique Market taking place this weekend at the state fairgrounds.  Here is a peek at my booth (first aisle to your right, then down 3 or 4 rows.  Look for the pillar numbered "42").

Let's see... six lamps, Kipp Stewart for Drexel Suncoast banquet and arm chair, Shaw Walker Drafting stool, Acclaim-ish side table, turquoise Royal Quite De Lux in black tweed case, Super funky twin shade floor lamp.
Lawrence Peabody dining table with four chairs (I'm adding two similar chairs) and coral Russel Wright American Modern service for eight
Pretty much all my Russel Wright American Modern coral pieces
also, all of the Russel Wright Iroquois Casual Ripe Apricot pieces.
Two sets of fireplace tools and the charcoal hopper
  A Slavic-Modern rope rocker (in the style of Hans Wegner, a grey Royal Quite De Lux with yellow tweed case and the Kipp Stewart Declaration cocktail table.

I lucked out, because the dealer next to me cancelled and they gave me their space for free (I'm double wide)!  I may add a couple more pieces Saturday or Sunday.  I will take a quick photo safari tomorrow and give you a report early next week.


  1. You should have a great sale with all those nice pieces and a double booth. Good luck!

  2. Success to you! Of course, I'm happy to see that typewriter.

  3. Your mass quantities of Russel Wright causes me to have evil thoughts towards you. Ha! You've been SO lucky lately, I'd DIE to find that much Russel Wright... sigh!