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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spending a lot more time in my hometown, which means THRIFTING! (Status: It's boring in my hometown)

My dads health has taken a slight down check and his mobility is getting pretty limited so I am the good son and travel to my hometown, spending a few days each week.  He sits at home, listens to Rush Limbaugh, watches sports talk shows and sleeps- which leaves me bored and with time to hit the thrifts.
This has been my haul from a couple weeks worth of hometown trips.

Salvation Army provided me with all three of these paint by numbers.  My hometown is pretty rural so I'm sure the deer PBN sets were chosen by their previous owner as a reminder of hunting.  The early 1800 sea side town scene is really attractive but lacks a frame.
I found the  five Blue Heaven dishes at the Goodwill one week and the serving bowl the next.  Man, I hope I haven't missed any in-between...

  I'm pretty certain that this Delta case is a reproduction.  I'm not sure if these were originally used for hat boxes or for make-up, not that it matters; some lucky gal will get themselves a nifty new bag!

On the way to my hometown I made a stop at a neighboring town's Goodwill and picked up this nice Brother "Wizard" Infinite Tabulator manual typewriter.  The case is in perfect condition and there is just the barest hint of wear on the typewriter.

I really like these cool triangular, chalkware bookends.  They have an off white base color with a light gold highlight; they almost glow.  I can not find any info on the maker but I have the gang at looking into it.  I found this and the next item in another neighboring town, at a tiny antique store/ tiny antique mall (I also found that Lane Acclaim coffee table, that I dropped, at this same spot)

Lastly, I found this great wooden 45 RPM record (we modern indie, punk and garage rockers call 'em "seven inches") box.  The town where I found these last two items is about a third the size of my hometown but I always seem to find some gems when I stop.


  1. Nice Brother Wizard typewriter, I'm glad you picket it up. Those Nagoya-made typewriters have a good feel, happy typing.

  2. Nice to see that you can take time out to be with Dad. I'm sure it means the world to him.

    I really like the design of those bookends. Although I do envision a makeover for them.

  3. Did you ever find out the maker of those bookends? I have a similar pair and haven't been able to figure it out either :) Thanks!

    1. Nobody seems to have any info. The assumption among people who have pieces is that it was an Ohio pottery.

  4. I have one of those Delta bags. I remember getting it on a flight to Atlanta! What could it be worth? Where can I sell it???