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Friday, January 11, 2013

Kipp Stewart Sun Coast captains chair (Status: Hey, that looks a lot like...)

There was only ONE Drexel Sun Coast chair available at the auction.  What happened to the rest of the set?  Who knows.  It's a dead ringer for a Declaration chair.
Hmmmm, seems Mr. Stewart may have been in a bit of a pickle when it came to designing the Declaration line and borrowed 90% of the Sun Coast dining chair design to help flesh-out the line.
Here is a Declaration captains chair, released in 1960.
And here is the Sun Coast captains chair, released in 1958/ 1959.
The Declaration is the same chair with a new back!  I wonder how many of these Sun Coast chairs have been misidentified as Declaration?  It would be easy to do.
As you can see, my chair is in pretty darn good condition.  Sure, there are some scuffs at the base of the legs
and a few scuffs on the seat back (the "splat")
The worst blemish is some loss of gloss to the seat covering, around the right arm.  Still, great shape and a very rare chair!


  1. Both chairs are gorgeous although I like the slightly more stylized back of the Declaration just a bit better. Nice find.

  2. Is the Kipp Stewart captain's chair still available?

    1. @Matthew Walters - yes it is. Send me an email at and we can discuss