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Monday, January 14, 2013

Kipp Stewart Sun Coast end and coffee tables (Status: These are in bad shape)

I saved the Sun Coast pieces that were in the worst condition for last.  Maybe I should have passed on these end tables and the coffee table, but I got a good price...
I've searched around the internets and there really aren't many of the Sun Coast pieces out there.  My theory for why the line was only available for a year, is that the cherry wood and gold aluminum did not match with the prevailing trend for teak and walnut pieces.  I also suspect that cherry may have been more expensive than walnut, Of course, the line may have been discontinued because Drexel did not want to have competition for the Declaration line.
 The two end tables have a nice drawer and feature gold aluminum legs.
These tables suffer from many of the same issues as the china cabinet, just more-much more. There is a considerable amount of damage to the tops. 

I can see that the legs can be detached and I can strip and refinish wood but, I don't think I can do anything for the gold aluminum which is worn and splotchy.

The coffee table has some nice lines and features the gold aluminum legs and a basket weave shelf below.
 The coffee table top is really bad but luckily the basket weave of the shelf is 99% intact so it is also a great candidate for refinishing.

Again, the gold aluminum legs are a problem issue
I've been able to successfully refinish a number of pieces and I feel that I should be able to vastly improve the appearance of these pieces, I surely can't mess them up more than their current condition.  


  1. Yup, I'd say those tops are quite the mess and will certainly need to be sanded and redone. Being they belong to you, nothing ventured, nothing gained.If the veneer is indeed cherry and not just cherry stained, you may want try hitting a test spot with some Minwax golden oak. This may sound counter intuitive, but a cherry stain will likely too dark and I know from experience that the golden oak over a walnut veneer makes the walnut pop. Some Howard RAF and some 0000 steel wool will likely clean up the balance and I've found the maple/pine or the golden oak RAF even helps chromed pieces look a bit better. Just my two cents...

    1. @A Modern Line -I'll have to give that a try, thanks for the suggestion

  2. I have every reason to believe that you will have the wood on those tables looking great in short order. Once you finish, you may decide they look so fantastic that it will be worth it to you to take the legs to a metal shop. I don't know how much it would cost to have them replated, but powdercoating is fairly inexpensive, and while not original, it could definitely make the legs look better.

  3. hi,
    I have the set of a buffet/credenza, with top, with another buffet credenza... one is longer and one is short, my mom used to put them together. Also, she has the bedroom set, but my mom in her ultimate frugality, instead of getting a queen or king or double headboard, got two twin headboards and pushed the beds together to make a king!
    Anyways, what I'm trolling around trying to find today are some small side tables for the bed that match the set.
    I wonder if you would consider selling these to me?
    Maybe you've already fixed them up. But if you haven't I'd love to have them to round out my mom's set (I grew up with it in the house and have inherited it from her now)

    Mine has wooden legs though, not metal like most of the pictures I've been finding.

    1. @Robin Good - These end tables are not in any state to sell; I would be embarrassed.