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Friday, May 18, 2012

Selling ...uh...lots of "stuff" at the German Village garage sale (Status: seems to be the season)

I have been a busy little bee, 0r Bee-opfish this past week as I worked on refinishing and refurbishing some items to sell today (SaturdayMay 19) at the annual German Village community garage sale.  I'm a little short on pictures but here are two chairs I stripped and reupholstered, that I will have at the sale.
Here's the deal; my camera ate all of the "before" pictures, they are just *poof* were gone (and boy does that steam my shirt press), so all I can show you are the stripped pictures and the final pictures.
I have no idea who originally made these chairs but this is what they looked like after I stripped them.

Now you will have to close your eyes and imagine these chairs with filthy, threadbare orange corduroy upholstery and banged up, worn and faded stain.  Got it?  Okay then open your peepers and see what I accomplished on two of the chairs (the third needed some further repairs so I just concentrated on two)

These chairs were a struggle.  They have a couple of different grades of wood and did not stain evenly with the Minwax antique walnut (2 coats).  I ended up applying Minwax Jacobean stain (very dark) over top, letting it sit for a minute, then wiping it off just as it became tacky.  The result was kind of an antiquing effect.  With the upholstery fabric that I had laying around (from old time pottery) they have a Hollywood glam look instead of the Danish mod I had originally wanted.  

Anyway, if you are in Columbus today and looking for great garage sales, come on down to the corner of 3rd and Whittier (just a house south of Whittier on 3rd- tan house with brown trim) and visit for a time. maybe buy some stuff.
I will have a large number of Mid Century, Mad Men, Eames, Atomic era items for sale
Items for sale include, but are not limited to:
-a large number of chairs
- some end tables
-a coffee table
- Russel Wright china
-numerous glasses with atomic era graphics
-lamps, lamps, lamps (lots of lamps)
-couple of cool ice buckets
-flip clocks
-1930's Remington typewriter
-More stuff that slips my mind, right now. 

I'll take some pictures and hope my camera doesn't eat the pictures.


  1. These turned out very nice. That fabric looks great against the dark finish!

  2. Wish I were there to see what Russel Wright china you have! The chairs look great.

  3. Those are some sharp looking chairs! Three? That would drive me nuts. Hope they found a new home today!